The Best Gourmet Hot Dogs in Las Vegas


The first item we bought from Korean is my mom’s spicy chicken noodle soup. We named it as HANGOVER SOUP.
Chef Boyzie learned this recipe from my mom when we visited Korea.
We boil whole chickens for over 8hrs and season the chicken meat with Korean seasonings and lot of green onions.
We also add Mung Bean glass noodle which is gluten free and very popular Asian noodle.
hangover souphangover soup2hangover soup

Dragon Kimchi Dog Challenge on July 28th 2013

Lj R. and Niyen  made up their mind to do a tag team on the Dragon KimChi Dog Challenge,. Both guys were pumped up and ready, with a auntrauge to cheer them on.

The Dragon Kimchi Dogs were placed in front of them, the timer was set for 5 minutes to consume 3 of these Killer Dragon Kimchi Dogs.

LJR and Niyen finally face to face with the Dragon Kimchi Dogs.

READY SET GO, FIRST MINUTE, BOTH tear into the dogs . SECOND MINUTE I 1/2 dogs down. THIRD MINUTE LJR 1 3/4 dogs down and Niyen 2 dogs down.

THIRD MINUTE LJR pacing hiself and breaking a nice little sweat, wiping his brow and taking in some oxygen. Niyen cleaning up the scraps and reaching for that third dog. FOUR MINUTES , THE Dragon Kimchi Dogs finally turn up the heat on the throat and stomach.

FOUR MINUTES THIRTY SECONDS IN, LJR IS grabbing napkins to wipe the running sweat and going for the water to kill the heat,LJR takes a little pause. Niyan sweating, drinking water, speeding up the pace and tearing into the third dog. LJR looks at the third dog and hesitates, the Dog finally stopped him in his tracks. Niyen with 20 seconds left the crowd rooting him on and screaming “YOU GOT IT YOU GOT IT”……

NIYAN just 2 more bites left, but at FOUR MINUTES AND FIFTY SECONDS, the heat of the DRAGON KIMCHI DOG runs down his throat, gives him one more solid kick to the stomach and stops him cold.  SO CLOSE SO CLOSE.